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Discover Daish’s                                                       Contents

                                                                        4    40 Years of History

                                                                        6    What’s New
 Daish’s Holidays is a family owned and operated business and our roots go back to 1979
 with the purchase of the groups very first hotel, Daish’s Hotel on the Isle of Wight.  8    Great for Groups
                                                                       10    What’s Included
 Today we own and operate 10 hotels in England   In 2019 we celebrate our 40th year, and while the
 and Wales in some of the most popular UK tourist   company has grown a lot in the last 40 years, our   12    Entertainment
 destinations. Along with a fleet of 26 luxury coaches to  commitment to friendly customer service, clean and   14    County Hotel - Lake District
 transport our guests in comfort and style from a variety  comfortable accommodation and great value are
 of pick up points.  as strong today as it was back in 1979.           18    North Shore Hotel - Blackpool
                                                                       22    Somerset Hotel - Llandudno

                                                                       26    Barrowfield Hotel - Newquay
 Nine Great Locations
                                                                       30     Devonshire Hotel - Torquay

                                                                       34    Hotel Prince Hotel - Weymouth
                                                                       36    Russell Hotel - Weymouth

 Lake District                                                         40    Bournemouth Sands Hotel

 County Hotel                                                          44    Daish’s Hotel - Isle of Wight
                                                                       48    Claremont Hotel - Eastbourne
                                                                       53     Coach Breaks
 Blackpool  Manchester  Welcome to the second edition of our 40th

 Nottingham  Anniversary Brochure. I can’t quite believe it’s been     54    West Yorkshire pick ups
 North Shore Hotel
        forty years. While we’ve come such a long way in                     West Midlands pick ups
 M6     that time, it still feels like just yesterday that I picked    56
 M1     up the keys to Daish’s Hotel and embarked on this              63    East Midlands pick ups
        wonderful journey.
 Llandudno  Birmingham                                                 70    Gloucester, Bristol & Wiltshire pick ups
        I still remember the excitement I felt at the purchase of
 Somerset Hotel  M5                                                    74    Suffolk pick ups
        each and every hotel over the years, not to mention
 M25    the wonderful feeling of seeing a Daish’s coach pull up        76    Sussex pick ups
 M4  London  outside the hotel for the very first time back in 1985.
 Newquay  M3  M20                                                      78    Kent & Dorset pick ups
 A303   2019 has so far proved to be a great year of celebration,
 Southampton  and we’re only half way through the year. I’ve already   80    Isle of Wight pick ups
 Barrowfield Hotel  Eastbourne
 A30    enjoyed meeting many guests at some of our anniversary
 Claremont Hotel  events and look forward to meeting more of you at some   82    South Wales pick ups
 Plymouth  of the other events later in the year.
                                                                       83    Cornwall pick ups

 Isle of Wight  I would like to thank all the amazing staff I’ve had the   85    Liverpool & Manchester pick ups
        pleasure of working with over the past forty years, who
 Bournemouth  Daish’s Hotel  have been crucial in the success of Daish’s. Finally I   86    Essex pick ups
 Torquay  would also like to thank you, our wonderful customers,
 Weymouth  Bournemouth Sands                                           87    Self-drive short breaks
 Devonshire Hotel  Hotel  as without your support over the years, we wouldn’t be
 Hotel Prince Regent  the company that we are today.                   98    Holiday Insurance
 & Russell Hotel
        Jeanne Wilson                                                  99    Terms and Conditions

 2  Call 01202 638840 we’re open Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, Sat 8am – 5pm, Sun 9am – 3pm  Or visit us at to book online  3
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